Instructions for operating the charging station

  • Scan the QR code with a reader on your mobile phone (freely available via the App Store og Google Play), or select a station from the list or nearby stations
  • The application will ask you to connect the car to the charging station
  • Choose a recharge plan
  • The payment gateway will guide you through booking the payment, where you will enter an email and send a confirmation
  • Charging will start after succesfull payment
  • After finishing, first end the charging trough your car or your phone, then disconnect the carger

Choose station

  • A station can be looked up beforehand, however the spot will not be reserved.
  • Charging station can be chosen from the nearest stations list (location enabled needed) or directly on the spot bu scanning the QR code on the charger
  • Full list of stations is opened by clicking "Show all stations"
  • You will be prompted to choose a free charging port

Connect vehicle

  • If not done already, the site will prompt you to connect the car to the charging station
Tariff list


  • According to chosen tariff, a deposit will be paid and you will receive the unused amount back at the end of charging.
Select the desired plan

Small tariff

Deposit 200Kč up to 30kWh for partial charge

Big tariff

Deposit 200Kč up to 80kWh for full charge
  • Magnifying glass icon shows tariff info
  • Connection price is a one-time connection fee
  • During free minutes, the time spent charging is free


  • Pay by credit card or by Barion wallet
  • Email with reciept will be sent to your email adress
example payment e-mail

  • After a successful payment, you will be redirected to a charging overview
  • Do not close this site
  • Recover this site in browser history or by clicking "Číslo nákupní objednávky: XXXXX" in the recieved email
Usage instructions +420 777 364 164